In keeping with Pathfinder's philosophy of "normalization" (or the least restrictive environment for developmentally disabled adults), daily living is a shared family experience within a homelike atmosphere


Life Skills


An extensive written comprehensive functional assessment is given to each individual. This assessment is used to help each individual develop the skills and behaviors needed to complete various tasks to reside and work in the community


Senior Opportunities


Our newly developed senior opportunities program helps senior individuals transition from vocational training to nonvocational opportunities. Our diverse and individualized services are provided on a full or part-time basis for individuals 50 years old and up


Daily Living

Pathfinder's community residences and life skills training services are seen as the essential ingredient to providing the support needed by developmentally disabled adults to live and work as independent citizens within the community

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Need More Information?

If you or someone you know is looking for placement for their family member please feel free to contact us and learn more or ask any questions you may have. Please call (203)-736-9133